Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need to register my home line to be included in the database?

No, your home phone number is already listed in the database and does not need to be registered. AlertSanDiego is for cell phone, VoIP, and email address registration only. Registering your cell phone will not replace or "overwrite" your home line. All efforts will be made to reach you at all of your contact numbers.

2) If I register my cell phone, VoIP, or email address, will that information remain confidential?

Yes, your information will be kept confidential. It may be shared with other public safety agencies but it will only be used for emergency purposes. Under no circumstances will your information ever be sold or used for commercial purposes.

3) I'm having difficulties viewing the form, or I don't see a form, or after I submitted the form I receive a 'page cannot be displayed message.' What should I do?

The site may be experiencing a high level of traffic. Try refreshing your internet browser intermittently until the form comes up for you.

4) I entered the wrong information or made a typo, can you correct it for me?

The best way to correct or update your information is to re-register and verify in the confirmation email that everything is correct.

5) Do I need to add a 1 at the beginning of my phone number?


6) Can I add more than one cell phone number per address?

Yes. Fill out the form again with up to five additional cell phone numbers.

7) If I send you my information can you register for me?

Unfortunately, we do not have enough resources to register everyone individually. Please use the online AlertSanDiego Registration Form.

8) Is AlertSanDiego registration secure?

Yes, the sign up page is hosted on a secure server and all data submitted is encrypted.

9) I am moving out of the County or would like to remove the information I submitted from the database.

Please fill out this form and send it to the Office of Emergency Services.

10) I have a question that is not covered in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Please email your question to


AlertSanDiego Registration Form