Build a Kit

Everyone should have emergency supplies on hand if a disaster strikes. Your emergency supplies should be sufficient to sustain you, your family and pets for a minimum of 72 hours. A two (2) week supply of prescription and necessary over-the-counter medications is recommended.

The following is a list of some basic items that every emergency supply kit should include. However, it is important that individuals review this list and consider where they live and the unique needs of themselves and their family in order to create an emergency supply kit that will meet these needs. Individuals should also consider having at least three emergency supply kits, one full kit at home and smaller portable kits in their workplace, vehicle or other places they spend time.

Headed to the store?

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Water* – minimum of 1 gallon per person per day
Non-Perishable Foods*
First Aid Kit and Manual
Can opener – non-electric
Watch or clock – non-electric
Plug-in analog telephone
Important documents
Activity items for adults (cards) and kids (coloring books)
Blankets or sleeping bags for each member of the family
Radio – portable, with spare batteries
Prescription and over-the-counter medications*
Additional equipment – glasses, dentures, hearing aids
Flashlight – spare batteries and light bulb
Fire extinguisher – multipurpose labeled “ABC”
Dust mask

*Rotate food, water, and medications as necessary. Remember to consider household members with unique needs: infants, elderly, disabled, allergies. Avoid salty foods, as they will make you thirsty.
Large plastic trash bags for waste, sanitation, and protection
Pre-moistened towelettes
Hand soap and liquid detergent
Toothpaste & toothbrush
Feminine supplies
Infant supplies
Toilet paper and paper towels
Plastic bags – various sizes, sealable
Paper plates, plastic utensils, paper towels
Pots (cooking) – at least two
Charcoal barbecue or gas grill (outdoor use only)
Knife, razor blade, and multipurpose tool
Clothes – complete change for each family member (Pants and Long Sleeves)
Heavy gloves for each adult
Heavy shoes for each family member
Important documents such as vaccination records and license information
Collar with ID tag and harness or leash
Sanitation items – Litter and litter box if appropriate
Non-perishable food
Bottled water
First Aid Kit and Manual
Fire extinguisher
Sealable plastic bags
Flashlight with batteries
Tools and rubber hose
Critical medications
Pre-moistened towelettes and tissues
Extra clothing

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