ReadySanDiego Business Alliance

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The ReadySanDiego Business Alliance Advisory Council will be comprised of business leaders from throughout San Diego that act as corporate spokespersons, tapping business relationships to help promote program initiatives throughout the County.

The Advisory Council will work in conjunction with County staff to identify strategic goals of the Business Alliance partnership program and help oversee its path forward. Advisory Council members will also assist the Business Alliance Chairs of their representative sector.

During times of crisis, Advisory Council members will work with the County to lead the Business Alliance’s response and recovery activities, including the coordination of needed resources from its members. The Advisory Council’s term is ongoing, renewed annually.

The goals and objectives of the Advisory Council are:
  •  Oversee the efforts of the Business Alliance
  •  Build the Business Alliance for times of crisis

The roles and responsibilities of the Advisory Council members include:
  •  Acting as spokespersons for the ReadySanDiego partnership program
  •  Tapping their existing relationships with businesses to encourage them to join the alliance
  •  Adding credibility to the effort with the use of their name and company’s name
  •  Lend name to the campaign (Web site, collateral, media relations, etc.)
  •  Connections with potential partners
  •  Provide recommendations on campaign activities and direction
  •  Participate in events
  •  Attend Advisory Council meetings (two per year, unless there is a crisis)
  •  Promote partnership
  •  Review materials

 Image of Current ReadySanDiego Advisory Council

Image of Current ReadySanDiego Advisory Council