Kids, What Can YOU Do?

Help your parents create a Family Disaster Plan make a list of emergency phone numbers put together or ask your parents to buy a Family Disaster Supplies Kit and plan ahead for caring for your pets.

Click here for what to do if there is a fire. 

Click here to learn about other weather events and unexpected situations.

View Mr. King in the Tsunamis: Know What to Do video.

Available in QuickTime (37MB), Windows Media Player (87MB) formats, and in Spanish.

¡Qué hacer en caso de un maremoto!

Tsunami Worksheets

  Childcare Disaster Planning

Childcare providers are a critical resource in the community, especially during a disaster. The quicker childcare providers are able to respond to and recover from a disaster, the faster impacted families can return to home, work, and school.  Learn More...


Games for kids

The links below lead to emergency preparedness games for kids: 

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arrow Red Cross Interactive Zone New Window Icon

arrow Sparky's Arcade Games New Window Icon

arrow Ready Kids - Fun & Games New Window Icon

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  Girl Scouts

By providing guidance to neighbors on how to get prepared for emergencies, Girl Scout troops can earn a special patch. Learn More...