Wildland Fire

San Diego County Defensible Space Days

Residents are asked to participate in Defensible Space Days, an important reminder to remove fire hazards within 100 feet of your home before peak fire season.

State law requires that residents treat 100 feet of defensible space around their homes. This includes such steps as mowing and properly maintaining lawn and weeds, pruning or removing ignitable trees and shrubs, stacking firewood away from the home and making sure the home’s address is visible to emergency vehicles.

Creating defensible space protects a home while providing a safe area for firefighters.

Defensible Space Days are sponsored by the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services, San Diego County Fire Authority, CAL FIREand the Regional Fire Advisory Committee.


Defensible Space Information Flier (1 MB)


Creating and Maintaining Defensible Space in Drought Conditions (560 KB)

How Can I Prepare?

1. Prepare by registering your mobile phones with the AlertSanDiego emergency notification system

2. Protect your home by creating and maintaining a defensible space around your home

3. Utilize fire resistive landscaping techniques to reduce the fire risk to your home

4. Modify your home’s exterior to make it less vulnerable to burning embers

Will you be prepared for the next wildfire?

In San Diego County, wildfires, both naturally occurring and human caused, are a major hazard to our communities.

San Diego County residents are urged to take steps now to assess their wildfire risk, safeguard their homes and prepare for the next firestorm.

You not only increase the value and safety of your property, you increase the safety of your family.

Download the  Wildfire Guide for more information on how to better safeguard your family, property, and possessions.

The County of San Diego Office of Emergency Services thanks its Wildfire Partners for assisting in getting these important messages out to San Diego County residents.

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Wildfire Preparedness Guide


Guia de preparacion para incendíos

Before the Threat DVD

In 2009, the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services in partnership with the San Diego County Fire Chiefs Association and Farmers Insurance Group launched an unprecedented regionwide fire preparedness campaign.

OES assisted in coordinating a door-to-door campaign on July 25 and August 1 in which 55 fire departments and thousands of community volunteers delivered preparedness materials to homes that are adjacent to wildland areas or urban canyons.

A DVD was produced for the San Diego region about fire hazards and steps residents can take to mitigate risks on their properties. The DVD is subtitled in Spanish and includes a bonus folder of additional preparedness lists and tip sheets that can be accessed on a home computer.

The goal of the campaign is to distribute 400,000 DVD packets to San Diego County residents through the remainder of the fire season. Before the Threat packets are available at most fire stations and local libraries, or by calling OES at (858) 565-3490.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

DVD Extras:

Fuel Management
Wildfire Zone Cards - County of San Diego
Wildfire Zone Cards - City of San Diego