2020 ShakeOutSD Social Media Challenge

The 2020 Great California ShakeOut is Thursday, Oct. 15 at 10:15 a.m. 

...Are you Ready?! Here’s how you can join us:

COVID-19 has changed a lot about our world and the way that we live these days. The way we prepare for emergencies may look a little different, too. Whether you’re virtual or six feet apart, you can still play a part in preparing your household, friends, office, classroom, or neighborhood for disasters.

Join us, the County’s Office of Emergency Services, next Thursday, October 15, to practice earthquake safety, and be part of the countywide conversation about the importance of individual and community preparedness during our second annual Great  #ShakeOutSD social media challenge!

Here’s how:

  1. Take a picture, video or screenshot of yourself, your office classroom or agency practicing “Drop, Cover, and Hold on” under a sturdy desk or table.
    • Don’t have access to a table? No problem! Show us how you would stay safe in other situations (for example, if you are outside, parked in a car, in a wheelchair, and others). Click here to find recommendations and also, things to avoid. Try to maintain six feet of physical distance and don’t forget to wear a mask if you are going to be outside or near others.
  2. Share your picture or video on your Twitter and/or Facebook page on October 15, with the hashtag  #ShakeOutSD.  (Make sure you tag us, @ReadySanDiego, too)

We’ll be sharing your posts and other important earthquake safety tips throughout the day of the ShakeOut.

Disasters won’t wait for the pandemic to be over… But no matter how big or how small, the simplest conversation or steps we take today to be prepared can make all the difference for whatever may come our way in the future.

Let’s be Ready, San Diego. See you at the #ShakeOut on Thursday, October 15!

To learn more about the Great ShakeOut and register, visit at ShakeOut.org