May 2014 San Diego County Wildfires

While many advances in local emergency response were made since the more severe 2007 Firestorms. The report includes 21 action recommendations.

Five items highlighted in the report are:

  1. Bolster the region’s aerial resources during Red Flag conditions.
  2. Create a document that clarifies roles and responsibilities of County emergency management team for out-of-area incident management teams.
  3. County staff will work with fire officials, who have primary information, to provide fire perimeter maps to the public and media.
  4. Increase County staff to bolster the Red Cross and 2-1-1 in the event of a surge for public service in a disaster.
  5. Review methods to increase multi-lingual communications during a disaster.

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The County of San Diego Office of Emergency Services (OES) is asking all San Diego County residents to take the following steps to better prepare yourself and your family for future emergencies. Prepare now by:

Make a Family Disaster Plan.

Es posible que su familia no esté en el mismo lugar cuando ocurra un desastre; por lo tanto, es importante planificar con antelación de qué modo se pondrán en contacto unos con otros, cómo se reunirán y qué harán en situaciones diferentes.

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Develop an Emergency Kit.

Basic Emergency Supplies should be sufficient to sustain you, your family, and your pets for a minimum of 72 hours. Get Started.

Stay Informed.

Register your cell phone, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone, and email address with AlertSanDiego.  Registering makes it more likely you will receive an emergency notification.  Registration is quick and simple.  Register today.

Download the SD Emergency App.

With SD Emergency, the tools you need to plan, prepare and respond in an emergency are right at your fingertips. The SD Emergency App contains disaster preparedness information, interactive checklists to help you to create your emergency plan, build an emergency supplies kit, and when disaster strikes; the SD Emergency App will keep you and your family informed with emergency updates, interactive emergency maps, and shelter locations.

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Prepare for Wildland Fires.

In San Diego County, wildfires, both naturally occurring and human caused, are a major hazard to our communities.

San Diego County residents are urged to take steps now to assess their wildfire risk, safeguard their homes and prepare for the next firestorm. Learn More.

Download the Wildfire Guide. English | Spanish