ReadySanDiego Business Alliance Network

The ReadySanDiego Business Alliance Network partnership program seeks to create a coalition of businesses which contribute resources and senior expertise in preparation for, during and after a time of crisis in San Diego County.

San Diego’s corporate and civic organizations play an integral role in emergency preparedness. The Network will help identify coordinated disaster response systems and processes, and raise awareness for preparedness among their employees and residents of the County. During a time of crisis, The Network will participate in response and recovery activities, including the coordination and/or donation of needed resources.

There is no cost associated with The Network and membership will be ongoing unless otherwise stated by member organization. It’s not a matter of “if” – it’s a matter of “when” an emergency will occur, and corporations and civic organizations must come together now to make sure San Diego is well prepared.

The goals and objectives of the Business Alliance Network are:

  •  Raise awareness of the need to prepare businesses and their employees for emergencies
  •  Increase the number of County residents and employees who have:
       ο  Created and practiced a family disaster plan
       ο  Assembled an emergency supply kit
       ο  Created a communication and evacuation plan
  •  Promote private/public partnerships to extend the message into the community
  •  Develop tools to reach all segments of the community