Disaster Preparedness Curriculum

Be Aware, Be Prepared is a fourth grade unit of study created by the Office of Emergency Services in partnership with the San Diego County Office of Education. In this unit students build knowledge about the geological systems of the Earth, natural disasters, and disaster preparation through print and technology sources and collaborative research. The unit directly reflects the overarching intent and goals of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The curriculum includes safety information that could be lifesaving to students and families in our community. Our goal is to see this unit implemented in all fourth grade classrooms in San Diego County. We welcome feedback from teachers who have implemented the unit in their classrooms; future versions of the curriculum will be adapted with your input.

Technology Integration

Although the unit can be completed without the use of computers, the “Be Aware, Be Prepared” curriculum integrates technology to support student learning. For example, Symbaloo is a personal online dashboard that allows users to bookmark webpages in the cloud. A SymbalooEDU site has been created for this unit and provides tiles that directly link to web pages relevant to the research topics throughout the unit. Each natural disaster addressed in the unit has its own page on the Symbaloo site, with titles on each tile to indicate their point of use in the unit. This provides you with online vetted resources to assist students with their research about each natural disaster. The Symbaloo icon is used throughout the teacher and student manuals to indicate where the website is used.


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