Wildfire Hazard Map

In San Diego County, wildfires are a major hazard to our communities. Use this tool to discover the level of wildfire hazard in your area and learn how to reduce your risk.

How to use the Wildfire Hazard Map Tool

  • Enter an address or place into the Search box and then click the Search icon
  • Click the Bullseye icon to allow the map to zoom to your location
  • Use the Plus icon and Minus icon to zoom in and out

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Important Background Information:

Fire Hazard Severity Zone maps evaluate "hazard," not "risk." They are like flood zone maps. "Hazard" is based on the physical conditions that create a likelihood that an area will burn over a 30 to 50-year period, without considering modifications such as fuel reduction efforts, which are temporary and cannot be expected to persist over time. "Risk" is the potential damage a fire can do to the area under existing conditions, including any modifications such as defensible space, irrigation and sprinklers, and ignition resistant building construction.

It is important to understand that being in a hazard zone does not always mean high risk; mitigation activities may have been completed that reduce risk (for instance, elevation of a home in a flood zone). Not being within a regulatory hazard zone does not guarantee safety (unmapped or undiscovered faults are an example). In addition, not all areas of the state have been mapped for all hazards, so the hazard level may not be known in some cases. It is advisable to be prepared for emergencies regardless of your location.


1 Obtain FRAP maps, data, metadata and publications on the Internet at http://frap.fire.ca.gov/.
For more information, contact CAL FIRE-FRAP, PO Box 944246, Sacramento, CA 94244-2460, (916) 327-3939.

2 The County of San Diego does not guarantee the accuracy of the Wildfire Hazard Map, and shall not be liable for any damages arising from its use. The Map does not meet the requirements for real estate disclosures or any other disclosures required by law. Real estate disclosure information can be obtained from your local city or county government. Please note that the location of addresses on the map is not exact, and other information in the map may not be up to date. For more recent hazard zone information, contact the appropriate city or county office, or a natural hazard disclosure firm. Individuals reviewing local responsibility area hazard zone maps should contact their local agency to verify any adopted ordinances that may affect communities' hazard mapping and building code requirements. See note and disclaimer below for more information regarding the limitations of this web service.