Kids, What Can YOU Do?

Help your parents create a Family Disaster Plan make a list of emergency phone numbers put together or ask your parents to buy a Family Disaster Supplies Kit and plan ahead for caring for your pets.

Click here for what to do if there is a fire. 

Click here to learn about other weather events and unexpected situations.

Complete the Prepare with Pedro - Disaster Preparedness Activity Guide


By providing guidance to neighbors on how to get prepared for emergencies, Girl Scout troops can earn a special patch. Learn More...

Childcare providers are a critical resource in the community, especially during a disaster. The quicker childcare providers are able to respond to and recover from a disaster, the faster impacted families can return to home, work, and school.  Learn More...


The links below lead to emergency preparedness games for kids:

View Mr. King in the Tsunamis: Know What to Do video.

Available in QuickTime (37MB), Windows Media Player (87MB) formats, and in Spanish.

¡Qué hacer en caso de un maremoto!

Tsunami Worksheets